[PLUG] Suggestion or Ideas for including LINUX based event(competition) for a College EVENT

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu Feb 18 09:42:41 IST 2010

> Guys,
> If you want people to use Linux & make them like it, you must remove
> fear(make them comfortable) of Linux. You need to show them all the things
> they do in windows can be done in Linux with more security, without any
> virus attack.
> So you can arrange a game competition in Linux, search for games like Quake,
> CS in Linux, show them how to connect to internet, how to play movies songs
> etc..
> I have seen many students do their programming in Linux *BECAUSE it is in
> Syllabus.. *
> So make then play with Linux box.

The perspectives on what to showcase to attract Engg students and to
attract non-technical users could be different.

Engg students may love the technical capabilities, the configurability,
the multi-user environment, great deal of FOSS options available for
software required to do college projects or generally related to college
subjects etc. Other things like security, full control over the system,
getting regular updates to software are important. Cost advantage, too,
(of course with awareness that if you are copying other OSs and software
how it's illegal).

While the point that "Linux can do what you can do on Windows" is
important, it should be a sort of "BTW" point, IMHO. The more important
points should be the differentiators. Why would someone get attracted
towards a "me, too" operating system?

For a college event I'd imagine a poster being put up that is sort of a
teaser that brings out the differentiators in some light humorous way.
E.g. By the time Windows machine boots, I am done with checking all my
mails on a Linux box ... (Highlights the speed).

Some information on which big organizations (govt as well as corporates)
use Linux, or popular embedded devices such as mobile phone models that
run Linux could achieve some impact.

Apart from that, some Linux magazine vendors (such as LFY) may be invited
to put up a stall, if that's feasibe.


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