[PLUG] Re: Distro selection - Settled for Mandriva 2006

A G subscrive at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 9 15:03:26 IST 2006

--- linux at cybertechnology.biz wrote:

> Following distributions fit on one cd
> freespire
Need to try. Does anyone have the cd? Heard tht its
quite bloated. Still will like to give it a try.

> elxlinux
Pathetic service. Tried for few days last year. I
didnt get good answers on forums regarding
dist-upgrade or some open bugs.

> openlx
Does it have urpmi/apt like tool for install of
softwares? Not well known. SO might not get
tools/softwares I need. Site does not give that

> ubuntu
My desktop is 450 MHz/256 MB ram, serial mouse. 
Serial mouse not detected. Try to use different
console to edit xorg.conf n then restart X.
ctrl+alt+F1 takes me to new terminal. But cant type.
cursor doesnt blink.

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