[PLUG] NFS : Does mounted file system type matter to client side?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sat Dec 4 21:19:16 IST 2010

On Sat, Dec 04, 2010 at 08:52:50PM +0530, शंतनू wrote:
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> A filehandle becomes stale whenever the file or directory referenced by the handle is removed by another host, while your client still holds an active reference to the object. A typical example occurs when the current directory of a process, running on your client, is removed on the server (either by a process running on the server or on another  client).
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> Is there any other machine which trying to access/modify the file which you are trying to copy?

Nope. It's read-only ntfs mount (and in turn read-only nfs share and
read-only nfs mount.)

Also, there are just 2 machines on the network at a time - one that has
the disk and nfs server and other that does nfs mount. No third machine is
in picture.

> NFS is stateless protocol. No need to change any thing at client end.
> Since ext4 works and ntfs gives some issue, I suspect this issue is related to mounting the fs on the server.

But ntfs - nfs works for one client machine but not for the other.

> Sharing following information could be useful to find out the problem.
> - output of mount command (which will tell more about the mount options used)
> - ntfs driver used for mounting the ntfs

I'll give the distro details. Mounting etc is done on command line with no
special options used.

Server is fedora 14.

Client for which the mount worked well (no matter whether the disk was
ext4 or ntfs) is fedora 14.

Client for which problem was faced (when the disk was ntfs but not faced
when it was ext4) is maemo.


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