[PLUG] Reliance Net Connect Broadband+

karim memon abdulkarimmemon at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 12:48:43 IST 2010

> Subject: [PLUG] Reliance Net Connect Broadband+

> Hi Friends,
> I am a newbie in Linux environment. I wanted to connect the "Reliance Net
> Connect Broadband+" USB on CenOS at my home PC.
> First of all, its not a plug_n_play, though the USB is getting detected but
> I guess I need to get it configured. "Reliance Net Connect Broadband+" does
> contains some rpms (for Fedora, openSUSE and Debian) for Linux platforms. I
> have gone through installing/uninstalling the Fedora rpm for a couple of
> times along with changing the Network properties. Nothing have worked till
> now.
> I have also logged a ticket with the Customer care of "Reliance Net Connect
> Broadband+" who came up with a presentation of "How to connect on Ubuntu
> (debian)" but was unable to connect on CentOS.
> I also have searched for the documentation on how to set up the connection
> in the internet, till now I am unsuccessful.
> Can someone help me out here?
> Thanks a and Regards
> -Dev

I also faced the same problem with Reliance Netconnect+. Although i
was using Ubuntu but i guess this method should work on Fedora as
well. I hope this link helps...

(Note: links provided in this tutorial are for ubuntu packages(*.deb),
u will have to search(google) them for you distro i.e CentOS(*.rpm))

AbdulKarim Memon

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