[PLUG] [OFF-TOPIC] 8.5 gb dual layer dvd in pune

Gaurav Pant gauravggs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 09:28:22 IST 2010


I do not see any relevance of this topic to FOSS.  Asking about a
dual layer DVD cost availability etc somehow no where makes sense on
this list.

Apart from this there is no [Off-Topic] tag to the mail subject.

Unfortunately some members (who are clearly aware of the mailing list
guidelines) are not only (top posting) to replies but are encouraging
the same on this list.

Less traffic on the list does not mean that we have to have some
unnecessary/unwanted conversation on the list.

People please follow the rules/guidelines and keep the list clean.

There are better way to get those kind of information on the net and I
hope if you can send a mail to the list you can use you brains to do
the same (re)search on the net of use appropriate mailing list.

And if you still do not understand.. please get off the list.


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