[PLUG] Good smtp setup

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu Sep 8 21:12:02 IST 2011

Wondering what will be a good smtp setup for a desktop machine given some
needs expressed below:

1. Client invokes sendmail:

Generally acceptable and perhaps most common setup. For large mails
sometimes the remote server interaction hangs. There is no reliable queue

Feel much comfortable if the moment you say "send" the mail goes to a
local queue and a daemon keeps track of it till it is sent. If it could
not send it, it returns it back to you.

2. Postfix (or any good smtp daemon):

Meets above mentioned requirements. Only problem is your username and
password to authenticate to relay host needs to be supplied once as root.
There is no client side way of doing this.

Trying to find a way by which relay authentication information is
configurable entirely on client side (without having to use root login)
while achieving all benefits that the smtp server provides.

Somewhat like postfix with authentication information (hash map files in
case of postfix) allowed to be maintained by individual non root users.


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