[PLUG] docker now runs on several linux distros + Dec 3rd is global #dockerhackday

Bhasker Kode bosky101 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 07:43:04 IST 2013

If you have been wanting to play with linux containers, docker is
having it's global #dockerhackday on December 3rd.

For those new to docker, it gives a git like command line interface to
easily work with images, and spawn linux containers. Docker is
open-source with lot of recent traction from the community.

Here's a quick breakdown of the terminology:
- dockerfile contain commands to run to create an image
- docker images are used to create containers.
- index.docker.io is a repo of dockerfiles (serving like  cpan,npm,etc)
- you can also have private repos to push/pull images between like git

As of last weeks 0.7 release, Docker no longer requires a patched Linux kernel.
This means that it will work out-of-the-box on all major
distributions, including Fedora, RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse,
Gentoo,Arch, etc

Here's a snippet from the 0.7 accouncement that plug users may find interesting:
> Docker makes heavy use of AUFS which is not part of the standard linux kernel and it’s unclear when it will be merged.
> This has prevented docker from being available on all Linux systems. Docker 0.7 solves this problem by introducing a storage driver API, and shipping with several drivers.
> Currently 3 drivers are available: AUFS, VFS (which uses simple directories and copy) and DEVICEMAPPER, developed in collaboration with Alex Larsson and the talented team at Red Hat, which uses an advanced variation of LVM snapshots to implement copy-on-write.
> An experimental BTRFS driver is also being developed, with even more coming soon: ZFS, Gluster, Ceph, etc.

December 3rd incidentally is also a Docker global hackday #dockerhackday
There should be plenty of activity on the IRC, twitter, and blog. The agenda is:

1. Global Docker Hack Day, local editions
2. Global Docker Hack Day
3. 101 online session
4. Send your hack
5. Lightning talks - docker.io/live

More at http://blog.docker.io/2013/11/docker-global-hack-day/

Bosky | @bhaskerkode

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