[PLUG] Second Opinion...!

dhanurdhari at gurudrushti.in dhanurdhari at gurudrushti.in
Wed Dec 4 13:59:00 IST 2013

I have three machine in my custody... viz...
1. A Desktop based AMD chipset
2. A Laptop from Dell based on AMD chipset
3. A Netbook from ASUS based on AMD chipset

I am planning to install RedHat, Mandriva and Slackware (R.M.S. of 
sorts) on them individually...
I need your opinions (a sort of opinion poll) on which one should go 
where... This I am calling second opinion, because I too do have an 
opinion and that obviously could count first... but that is besides the 

Because I am Champion of Freedom and Open Source based softwares, I 
will of-course use CentOS in place of RedHap and Mageia in place of 
Mandriva, but that is optional.

Now if I was ardent follower of CentOS, I would have used RedHat 
because it is one word that can be misguised to spread "hatred" amongst 
otherwise wise friends!

My knowledge of how Mageia is free while Mandriva isn't so is little 
bit of out-dated and that same could be said about CentOS and RedHat 

So all are welcome to party-C-pate in this open event and sort of help 

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