[PLUG] Updated Aksharyogini font release in Open Font License

Sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 01:11:45 IST 2014


Last year, on 1st November, we released updated Aksharyogini font.
This was a revised and updated font from the earlier font family
release of Aksharyogini. Moreover, it was released under Open Font

Today, on the ninth death anniversary of Yogini Joglekar while
remembering her, we wish to thank all the users for their love and
support. The total download count from the official release website
http://aksharyogini.sudhanwa.com has already crossed 16000 mark.

Please let us know about any websites who are
using/referring/cross-linking or just simply mentioning the fonts.
(eg. http://evimarsh.vmou.ac.in/hi) We encourage you to freely
use/share/distribute the same on your websites.

Thanks again,
-Sudhanwa Jogalekar


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Twitter: sudhanwa Check on FB, Linkedin for more.

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