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thanks all
I do not want any Linux user to change to BOSS. Because they are already 
doing the thing that I want. You people keep using the distros you want 
but I need your support
even if you criticize me.

The problem is that there are several thousand state and central 
government offices where MS Windows-Offiice is used as a typewriter and 
is (happily ) spending  huge amounts of tax payers on purchasing 
updating Windows/ Office and Microsoft is forcing update hardware also 
for newer versions.
You have to pressurize government to stop this with linux distros but 
the argument will be weaker as they will defend that Windows is superior 
and is required.
(I consulted with a lawyer he says you cannot force government to use 
linux by PIL even though your argument is perfect)
But government itself has created  BOSS to replace MS windows (as per 
official document). Is it not that our voice will be stronger ?
I have tested BOSS as government work point of view and it is suitable 
and works well on most of the devices (after all it is derived from debian).

Mandar, BOSS is not outdated BOSS.6.0 Anoop is already released,


CDAC is not a small organization, they are still working on it. But 
unless we test it on
a spare computer and give feed back to CDAC how we can improve it ?
But how will expert people (like you)test it if it is not publicized by 
government ? Have you seen any political leader of any party who has 
pronounced the word "Bharat Operating System"
since 2006 ? Why they don't say test it and compare with Microsoft only 
then use it ?

I regret to say that nobody has commented on Syllabi of Schools and 
Colleges and MS CIT  you agree that the Microsoft word should remain ?
In engg colleges they learn basic c++ programming where any Linux distro 
can work but if BOSS works we can recommend it in various courses.

Is there any other easy way to rectify the syllabi kindly let me know.

   I earnestly request you to download and  read the following Tamilnadu 
order completely before you reply :
http://www.tn.gov.in/go_view/dept/17    (just scroll down to 2014 and 
download Letter Ms No.1 Dt March 12, 2014)


REFERENCES :  (if ref links do not point correctly, pl. google and you 
will get it)

The following references (especially first two) will convince every 
Indian that government policies are Pro-Microsoft and clearly against 
our own country.

*1] Government's OS BOSS dying a slow death due to lack of patronage*

*Economics Times Dated 24 Sept 14*

*URL : 

*2] Microsoft’s India revenue doubles; PAT (Profit After Tax) at Rs 
96.85 crore*


3] Curriculum must be vendor neutral (BOSS site, Central Government of 


4] http://www.tn.gov.in/go_view/dept/17

Tamilinadu Government Order 12/03/14 - Making BOSS mandetory across 
Tamilnadu State Government Departments. (This and similar initiatives 
were ignored by Centre)

5] "Indian Banks Upgrading ATMs To Linux OS (BOSS)" - Article By Vivek 


6] "Finally, My open letter on OOXML happenings in India" - Article By 
Prof Deepak Pathak IIT, Mumbai


7] "How Microsoft Exploits, Then Insults Developing Countries" - Dr. Roy 


8] "Engineering students locked into Microsoft Office"

Article By Anuj Srivas, Vasudevan Mukunth, "The Hindu - 22 April 2013"

9] "Is DOCX really an open standard?" - Article by Abhishek Bhatnagar

URL : 

10] "Chasing Pirates: Inside Microsoft’s War Room" - New York Times - 


On 12-04-2015 01:11, Amit Jathar wrote:
> Hi Amarendra
> Well said n really well balanced thoughts which has insight about 
> microsoft apple n all open source
> Thanks n keep on posting like this
> Amit
> On Saturday, April 11, 2015, Mandar Vaze / मंदार वझे 
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> >
> >>
> >> सरकारचा FOSS ला साहजिकच विरोध होता
> >
> > I don't indian govt. cares one way or another
> > BTW, The OS seems "out of date" (Last update was in Dec 2013)
> > -Mandar
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> Warm Regards,
> Amit Jathar
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