[PLUG] My Point Is Very Clear In Petition (I did not expect technical discussion)

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Thu Apr 16 08:44:34 IST 2015

​Disclaimer: this mail is a piece of troll rant read when you have
absolutely nothing better to do

> (Do not forget it is a part of 'Make In India' )
​what is the difference between "Make in India" and "Made in India" ?

i checked the petition post you did few days back then i saw 70+ people
signed it today i see there are only 30+ people there , could it be people
who signed before pulled back .

coming back to the Topic of BOSS vs Everything else vs Nationality vs World
vs Save the world.

Why we as users should be worried about a something when the product in not
in good shape as in does not make the cut . Same analogy goes to all the
FOSS softwares , if there is a need or they are 10 % usable people will
join the project and make it more usable and the project/community
 survives or dies on the merit of the software .

So BOSS to any user if it does not make the cut as a good product why  push
through somebody's throat in the name of the so many reasons cited earlier .

Foss is a gift to mankind, its a concept and religion to some . We cannot
forget thousands of hours of contributions by so many noble souls both from
India as well as abroad , we are here since we all have belief in it but
that does not leave us to question the system as to how we can dream of
 making  or building FOSS ecosystem . There was,is and will be scope for
improvements. No system or software is perfect.

lots of us have a perception and incidents made us believe that BOSS as a
project is a sinkhole with no aim , also it has miserably failed on other
fronts in community building , empowering and engaging people at large.

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