[PLUG] [X-POST] [COMMERCIAL] Internship at Hamaralinux.org

shirish shirish at hamaralinux.org
Fri Apr 17 00:14:50 IST 2015

Hi there,
Want to find out how a GNU/Linux distribution actually happens,
what all goes into making a distribution and be paid to do it ?

Have you ever worked on some open-source project, only to realize that
the potential is huge and dunno how to relate it to others ?

Have you ever been called crazy because what you know of life is that it's
an abstraction of the TUI/CLI and that's the only way life is worth 
living .

If any or all of the above rings true, drop us a mail. We are looking
for individuals :-

    a. Who eat,drink, sleep and shit Open-Source
    b. Who have a thousand and one ideas about what is wrong in today's
   computing and have made some efforts to change them.
    c. Who have at least have some idea of what a VCS (Version Control 
System) is, and at the very least has made an account on one of such 
public hosting sites and has contributed some time and effort to one or 
more public
projects.  If it's a patch or a pull request it is preferable.

   Duration :- The position is of 6 months .

   Place :- This could be a mix of on-site and remote internship. The
   company is based in Gurgaon. The intern would have to manage travel
   to-and-fro from Delhi to wherever they live.

   Allowance :-  Rupees ten thousand per month.

   Look forward to hearing from you on careers at hamaralinux.org

Shirish Agarwal,
Community Lead,

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