[PLUG] e-mail / communication privacy

jayant ogale jaogale at yahoo.co.in
Sun Feb 1 16:09:02 IST 2015

hi,recently read about dispute between wiki-leaks and Google.once again, the seriousness of the issue struck my mind.the privacy of the e-mail contents and communication in general is a serious issue.i think some time back we were discussing about it.in the laymans term:
is it possible for our community to start fully secured e-mail transactions? i do not mean that someone having that data and not giving it out to anyone at any cost but what i mean is that once i receive  / open a mail sent by a sender it will be only on my computer and will get automatically deleted from its travelling route [servers]. so that no one will be able to access it from any server.similarly no one should be able to get / store my browsing history?this idea might sound vague / absurd. but i think this is what many people / organisations will be looking for in the near future.thanks,jayant ogale.

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