[PLUG] PLUG meet for the month of July 2018

Dhanesh B. Sabane dhanesh95 at disroot.org
Thu Jul 19 10:45:14 IST 2018

Hello everyone,

On Friday 13 July 2018 12:44 PM, Gaurav Pant wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> PLUG meet will take place next week Saturday. I.e. 21st July 2018.
> Anyone interested in giving a talk/demo please let us know.

As discussed on another thread [1], I've asked for the Hamara party box.
Can we have a release party at this PLUG meet?

The agenda will be something like the following:

1. Introduction to the Hamara Linux Project
2. Motivation and aim of the project
3. How to contribute.
4. Q&A
5. Goodies for everyone!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

[1] https://list.plug.org.in/pipermail/plug-mail/2018-July/011025.html


Dhanesh B. Sabane

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