[PLUG] Basis of Hamara Linux (Ashwin Phadke)

Dhanesh B. Sabane dhanesh95 at disroot.org
Sat Jul 21 10:38:42 IST 2018

Hello Ashwin,

On Thursday 19 July 2018 12:25 PM, Ashwin Phadke wrote:
> Hey Dhanesh,
> It is so nice to have our own distro. Many Indians haven't heard about
> Linux or think that it is something they cannot understand due to extra
> familiarity with Windows OS.Although ti would be nice if you or Hamara
> Linux community could answer some of the following doubts I have:
> 1) Is Hamara Linux a fork of a Debian/RHEL based distro?[FAQ'S mention
> them a lot rather than Hamara]

Hamara was earlier based on Ubuntu but in the latest release we switched
to Debian Testing.

> 2) A FAQ says :
>           >How hamara is different from ubuntu?
> It’s name, look and feel, language make is more accessible to an Indian
> user increasing the likelihood of that person using it. If you do not
> read English, it’s unlikely you will have found Ubuntu.
> What do you mean by accessible?

Accessible as in making the user feel comfortable while using the
distribution. The process of interacting with the system should be
intuitive and that's what we try to improve on with every release.

More importantly, we want to focus on localisation and making the
distribution available in all major Indian languages. This greatly
improves the 'accessibility' for the Indian users.

The complete project is a work in progress and the latest release has
been another step towards the eventual goal. Your help and feedback is
highly appreciated to make this distribution the most 'accessible' one
for Indian users.

> Looking forward to the release party. :)


Dhanesh B. Sabane

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