[PLUG] Some useful links of openSUSE Linux [from my talk yesterday]

Amey Abhyankar sco1984 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 13:04:08 IST 2018

Hello All,

Hereby sending some useful openSUSE Linux links for reference from my
talk yesterday =

i) openSUSE Tumbleweed release/OS = https://www.opensuse.org/#Tumbleweed
ii) openSUSE Leap release/OS = https://www.opensuse.org/#Leap
iii) Open Build Service (OBS) = https://build.opensuse.org/
iv) OpenQA = https://openqa.opensuse.org/
v) openSUSE mailing lists = https://lists.opensuse.org/
vi) openSUSE Board = https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Board
vii) openSUSE conferences/events = https://events.opensuse.org/
viii) openSUSE group at Facebook =
ix) openSUSE GSoC = https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:GSoC


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