[PLUG] Commercial, MySQL PHP Project

Swapnil Kumbhar ssk at biogreenenergy.com
Tue Sep 2 10:10:00 IST 2014

Dear Friends,

Need a Linux based Cloud based / dedicated server designed to carry 
following functions:

1. Run an scheduler to read the *.CSV files from specified folder on 
server at predefined time interval.
2. Convert the CSV files received from remote site by FTP to Database 
3. Create web Pages (PHP / HTML) to be accessed from Internet using PC, 
Tablets, Smart Phone which will display the numbers & text received in 
the Database.
4. Web Log-in shall be for 2 users (manager & owner) with username & 
5. Database shall be protected from unauthorized access since this is 
going to be FTP port.

Please let me know if any one is interested in taking up this project.

Send me no. hours & cost/hr.

Swapnil Kumbhar | Sr.  Executive (Innovations)
+91 98233 94007

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