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Vikas Tara vik at hamaralinux.org
Mon Apr 13 19:11:15 IST 2015

On 11/04/15 18:08, Mandar Vaze / मंदार वझे wrote:
> Awesome !!
> I have been exclusively using linux for close to a decade, but the 
> points mentioned by Amarendra make complete sense.
> I am a linux user because it is the "right tool" *for me*, not because 
> MS Windows is "bad/evil"
> I am thinking of moving to OSX because it is *nix under the hood, and 
> all the "right tools" are available for OSX as well. (cost of hardware 
> is holding me back, but not for long)
Microsoft do contribute a fair bit to linux.

You will find their commits in all of our distros, BOSS included.

I don't think it's really credible to bash them on this front anymore :)

I use OSX a bit - really decent OS - but like any software - all have bugs!
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