[PLUG] Please Sign The Petition

Vikas Tara vik at hamaralinux.org
Mon Apr 13 19:17:04 IST 2015

On 11/04/15 02:21, Milind Oka wrote:
> It is another Linux Base OS localized for 18 Indian Languages. They 
> (CDAC) have improved the kernel also
> according to their claim.
> Any existing FOSS system can serve the purpose but common man is 
> unable to understand the FOSS concept.
> For him Linux and Windows (pirated) both are free so rulers are 
> exploiting the situation.
> That is the reason FOSS has never been adopted. The name BHARAT is 
> important and
> common indian can support it due to attachment to the country and the 
> purpose will be served. Later on we do not mind shifting to
> any FOSS system. 
Hamara Linux seems to fit that bill too!

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